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Cleaning my closet and found this that KP made for me like my freshman or sophomore year. I still love it! @kpaul___ #throwbackthursday #hellokitty
My #WCE 😍 #mariskahargitay #oliviabenson #iloveher
Earlier today I said not a “goodbye” but a “see ya later” to a little piece of myself and I cried like a little baby as she drove off with her car loaded down. I’m so sad to see you go but I’m so excited for you to start your new life. We’ve had our ups and downs these last 4 years but you truly are my little sister. I miss you so much already. Have fun and good luck at Blinn! I know you’re going to do great things. I love you, Leah! But I want you to be 16 again :(
Look who came to hang out with his Nini and Gigi! :D





This only happened yesterday and it’s already got over 50K notes… 

Finally humans with humanity

A little information for ya’ll, this man fell in between the carriage and platform and was freed less than ten minutes later. 

When he fell employees of Transperth (Australia) were meters away and were able to signal the driver so he would not just take off and rip the guys leg off.

The staff motioned everyone on the platform to push the carriage in a tear worthy moment of people power

The guy who fell wasn’t hurt and got on the next fucking train so he could go to work.

And if that isn’t the tightest shit you ever heard get the fuck out of my face.

I love this and I am even happier because I found one girl person contributing to this tear jerker moment.

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